Feb 192013

Just finished my first video tutorial !

This will guide you from a fresh install of Raspbian Server Edition all the way through to getting snapshots in your email.

Would love to hear some feedback on this, positive or negative 🙂

Feb 142013

Version 2.4 has been released. Pick it up here


Raspbian Server Edition is Raspian with a lot of the GUI and other non-essential utilities stripped out. It’s meant to be used as an easy to deploy base for servers of any kind. It keeps the core of Raspbian with no extra utilities slapped on.


Raspbian Server Edition 2.3 is based on the 2013-02-09 release of Raspbian. Disk usage is down to around 570 megabytes.

I’ve stripped out approx 283 packages in this release. The full list can be found here.

An image is also available for your downloading pleasure.
The tar.gz version can be found here

SHA1 Hash :
5ca2ea00f9378f64d27451e3abd0cc16a984bb80 RSEv2.3.tar.gz

Please support the continued development of Raspbian Server Edition by donating !

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Feb 082013

As a continuation this post, I have completed the first version of the RaspAP WebGUI. I have yet to decide on a good name for it though.
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Jan 302013

I’ve gotten some coding done on the Pi’s WiFi configuration portal.

This is a quick snapshot of what it looks like so far.
Does anyone have any feedback or comments ?


Jun 112012

I have started work on a PHP/mySQL Project which allows for simple uploading of files through a HTML form, and allows for downloads via a file listing.

Currently the features are :
Quotas per user
File upload via PHP form
File download via HTML page

It is not yet complete, but very simple and easy to setup.
Files are stored on the filesystem rather than in the database.

If this would be of use to anyone, please let me know and I can release it out into the wild.