Perth Multanovas Android App


I have created the Perth Multanovas App to help drivers of Perth avoid getting caught by speed cameras.

Its main features are:
Speed Camera List – Updated Daily, Touching a camera location will search it up on Google Maps.
GPS Tracking – Tracks your location and if you are on a road with a speed camera, will alert you.

Some of the Extra Features include:
Audible / Vibrate / Screen notifications
Ongoing Alarms when on a road with a speed camera
(Planned) Red Light Speed Camera Notifications
(Planned) Freeway Speed Camera Notifications

If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment on this page !

Recent Changes –

Version 1.6.1
Fixed up preference issue causing crash

Version 1.6
Freeway speed cameras are now in the app
Optimisations made to the location tracking
Delayed mode has been added –
Text will go blue if the GPS track is lagging behind by a number of seconds.
While text is blue, Fixed speed cameras will not generate alerts.

The threshold before the text goes blue is settable within the settings.
Version 1.5
Red Light Camera Alert will no longer alert when you’re moving away from the intersection
Fixed up some minor logic bugs for the Red Lights and Speed Cameras
Road / Suburb now get swapped within the app when sorting by Road / Suburb

Version 1.4.1
Minor Update to correct Red Light Cam @ Beechboro Rd North / Morley Dr East

Version 1.4
Red Light Cameras has now been added to the GPS Tracking function.
Rearranged Preferences screen to neaten it up a bit. Also changed the way the Ringtone Preferences work. You can now select any ringtone on your phone and not just notification tones.
Updated some back end display logic – State Route’s Display as the road name
Added a Surrounding Suburbs function for the Speed Camera – This works by postcode.

Version 1.3
Minor Bugfix for Samsung Handsets

Version 1.2
Some more back end work done
Added the option to have a continuous notification while you are on a road with a camera.

Version 1.1
Updated Graphics
Some backend work done


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  1. You beat me to it I had the same idea for an app though couldn’t find the time to find someone to program it. If I have other ideas I’ll pass them by you as great minds think alike!!!

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