Oct 302012

So after a long hiatus, I have finally gotten around to almost finishing the PiSU.
I ended up ordering a 512MB Revision 2 Raspberry Pi for the mounting holes and also because the socket on my first Pi broke.

The first thing I did was to test mount the RPi by itself with motherboard standoffs screwed into the base.
Mounted Pi
There is a lot of flex in the CD case mounting that I used, not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing yet.

Next, I put the HDMI extender, and Power Supply back in, and also plugged in the Ethernet extender. There is *barely* enough space between the front of the PSU and the back of the Pi to fit the Ethernet extender in but with a big of wiggling and cursing, I managed to fit it in. I also plugged the USB cable for the USB hub in at the same time with a bit more wiggling and bit more cursing

Once everything was in place, I screwed the top back on and double sided taped the USB hub on top so that it’s easy to transport.

This is what it looks like at the moment.

Hopefully later on I’ll add some plastic plates to cover the fan holes and be able to mount the USB hub inside the PSU rather that on top and also mount the ethernet extender to the plastic plate.

Oct 162012

I recently wanted to disable fast polling for all the devices that had fast polling. After I couldn’t find a way to easily to do it in the GUI, I turned to the command line to do it.

The following command will find all devices that have fast polling enabled, and then set the polling to normal.

nhListElements.bat -where "pollRate matches fast" | nhModify Elements -fieldName pollRate -value Normal

Oct 092012

Hi Everyone,

Apologies to all as I have not had the time to write any new informative blog posts. I haven’t made any more progress on my Raspberry Pi either unfortunately as I have broken the SD card socket on my Pi. I am part of the way through fixing it up now though so hopefully I’ll be able to get it back up and running.

I have desoldered the old SD card socket, and have soldered on wires to all the pads except the 2 outer ones on each side. I got one of these SD Card readers ready to attach the wires onto. I don’t have pictures at the moment but I’ll get them up as soon as possible.
Hopefully this well let me get my projects up and running again so I can keep the Raspberry Pi goodies coming.

I’ll also do a better write up of the SD Card socket repair if it works.

Oct 022012

I had an issue in my environment where some network device’s configuration backups were failing most of the time.
It would come up with an error saying “Unable to write to the device. Either the device is not responding or the set SNMP community string is not correct”

When I did a Wireshark cap of the SNMP traffic, I noticed that the switch was still returning responses after the backup had failed already.
Increasing the DCM Timeout under CA Spectrum Modeling Information resolved the issue as it gave Spectrum more time to receive the reponses before it decided to time out.