Dec 192017

The team at Eltechs, the makers of ExaGear have given me a heads up about their Christmas Sale this year!

They’re giving everyone 25% off ExaGear Desktop! This is the perfect chance to pick up a bargain on this great piece of software.
You can see the few things I’ve done with it in the past in the following posts:
ExaGear 2.0 Review
ExaGear and Steam Games
ExaGear and More Steam Games

The offer ends on December 25th (23:59 Pacific time) so make sure you grab it before the offer ends!
You can choose the package to buy through this link!

May 202017

Since ExaGear allows the Pi to run x86 applications, it also allows you to run WINE on the Raspberry Pi, and since you can run Windows applications with WINE, that means that you can also run Windows applications on the Raspberry Pi through WINE through ExaGear!

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Apr 252017

Following on from my last post, I’ve been testing some other Steam games to see how the Raspberry Pi 3 with ExaGear fairs as a casual gaming machine.

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Apr 032017

I wrote a post about ExaGear Desktop a while ago where I looked at using it to run some basic X86 apps on a Raspberry Pi. It looked interesting, but I lost access to the Raspberry Pi 3 I was using to test it so I was unable to do too much with ExaGear.

However, with the release of ExaGear Desktop 2.0, I have my own Raspberry Pi 3 to play around with so I can give it some decent testing.
ExaGear Desktop 2.0 gives users the power to run OpenGL applications on the Raspberry Pi.
What this means, is that you can now play x86 games on the Raspberry Pi, or even run some applications that require OpenGL on the Pi.
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