Apr 242013

Another update to PiParted

Fixed up non-appearing SD Cards
Also added a backup option, at the moment it can only backup ~4GB SD Cards as it reads it to ram for now. Your computer will also need at least 4 GB of ram to backup the SD Card.

Grab it here !

SHA1 Hash – 2fa25e4f9e9260a3612129a1b0291fca3e3fd628 PiParted-0.04.iso

Comments / feedback would be very welcome !


  5 Responses to “PiParted v0.04”

  1. Hey there. Have you had any luck adding your resizer script into PiParted?

    • I never got around to adding it. There were so many tools out there to solve this issue that I didn’t see much of a future in this so didn’t finish it off.

      If you do want it though, I’ll see if I can put some time towards this…it’s been a while so I may not have everything any more, but I can always put some stuff on github for others to finish off

  2. can you post a live link to the most updated PiParted? all the download links on here are broken

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