Dec 192017

The team at Eltechs, the makers of ExaGear have given me a heads up about their Christmas Sale this year!

They’re giving everyone 25% off ExaGear Desktop! This is the perfect chance to pick up a bargain on this great piece of software.
You can see the few things I’ve done with it in the past in the following posts:
ExaGear 2.0 Review
ExaGear and Steam Games
ExaGear and More Steam Games

The offer ends on December 25th (23:59 Pacific time) so make sure you grab it before the offer ends!
You can choose the package to buy through this link!

Nov 232017

I bought a pair of cheap USB headphones yesterday so I could test out whether my sound issue on my computer was due to my sound card, or another issue.

The issue I after plugging them in however, was that I could not easily switch the sound output to the USB headphones.
I don’t run pulseaudio, so I was left with playing with configuration files to try and switch the audio over.

If I had been running pulseaudio, I’m sure this blog post would have been much shorter!
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Nov 202017

Last weekend I wrote a post about the Reject Shop IP camera that was being sold for $39. I decided to have a deeper look at it to see if I could use it without relying on the app.

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Nov 122017

Spotted in the catalogue for $39.

I spotted a iDigital branded “Home Security WiFi Camera with Smart Phone App” in the latest Reject Shop Catalogue and was intrigued about what sort of specs I’d find in a discount store IP camera, so I picked one up to have a look.
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Oct 222017

My ADSL connection went down for quite a while recently, but I managed to use a Telstra 4G USB Stick with my Raspberry Pi as a secondary internet link to tide me over until my ADSL was restored.

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