Nov 042015

I finally got around to playing with the Telstra SMS API some more after very successfully using it to send messages from my Zabbix instance at home.

I wanted to get responses from the messages so that I could potentially automate some responses if I get an alert via my Zabbix instance.

This can easily be done via a script that will poll the Telstra API for replies to specific messages, I just need to know the message ID that is sent, which is done by modifying my previous Telstra SMS API script to add a single line at the bottom to display the message ID –


This line will display the message ID after the message is sent.
This example shows what the output of the script is when run from the command line –

# ./ 0400000000 testsubject3 testbody3
not expired

With that messageID, you can get replies to the message you sent. I’ve written up a short script on my GitHub named that uses the Message ID to retrieve messages.

For example:

# ./ 00AABBE072E30149375930E85B00BBAA
not expired

As you can see from the JSON response, a message from “0400000000” was received at 2015-10-22 03:39:00 with the contents of “Reply”.

This information can then be used for your own purposes, whether it’s to update a ticketing system or just to log responses.



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