Jul 092023

So a bit over a week after I couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning in bed when I first came up with the idea of ZeroTier-Console, the first release is ready for some field trials!

When I first started looking into this, I couldn’t believe there wasn’t already a simple to use management application for the command line. There’s a few web based management tools out there, but they all required way more setup than I would like for a simple management tool.

Updating web based management tools can also be a hassle, so I got to work writing out ZeroTier Console solely in bash, with a sprinkle of curl, jq, whiptail, with a dash of zerotier-cli.

The main features of ZeroTier Console are

  • Zerotier-cli client frontend
    • View node info
    • Join and Leave networks from Zerotier Console
  • Zerotier self-hosted controller management
    • Shows controller information
    • Create networks
      • Can either create a blank network or create one with a few settings – name, and IP address range for now.
    • Manage networks
      • Show network information
      • Manage routes, network name, and IP ranges
      • Manage Network Members
        • Auth/Deauth Members
        • Show Member Information
        • Update Member IP addresses
  • ZeroTier Console settings
    • Set remote controller ip, port, and token

I haven’t managed to test the remote controller portion of that much, but it’s in there for people to play with. Here are some screenshots of what it looks like.

You can download ZeroTier Console for yourself from my Github repository at https://github.com/SirLagz/zerotier-console

Please try it out and let me know what you think!


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