May 032011

Hey all,

Just a quick update –
I have a PXE netbooting guide coming up but it’s still in the works. Should be here soon though.

I’ll be going through the games again after the PXE, so keep an eye out for those.
The lineup so far is :

So a few different genres, should be an interesting few posts coming up soon !

Apr 302011

Hi All,

Decided to go and check out World Of Goo for you all.
The aim of the game is to build a tower out of little balls of Goo to reach this little pipe that sucks up all the Goo Balls.

Installation was a breeze, downloaded the .deb file and installed via dpkg.
Clicking on the icon to start it up brought me to this screen.

Clicking through to this screen lets me select the level.

With a fancy little cursor whizzing around, I select the first level to get started.

Building up and up…

And then there’s a finish screen which I neglected to take a screenshot of as I was dancing around shouting out to the fact that I finished the first level.

And then onto the second level !

All in all another entertaining game from another great Indie developer.
Cartoony graphics make for some great dynamics with the balls flailing around while I try to build a tower that won’t topple.
I look forward to going through more levels in World Of Goo, but for now onto other games !

Apr 222011

Hi All,

Just purchased the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, so expect to see some quick reviews on those games too.
The last 2 were only quick quick ones, which will be updated and completed later on when it’s not 2am in the morning.

Shadowgrounds will be the first game I’m going to review so we’ll see how it goes once it’s finished downloading 🙂

In other news, I think it might be time to add a ‘Gaming’ category to my blog as I might be taking this in a few new directions. Thoughts anyone ? (if I even have any readers :P)

Apr 212011

Hi All,

I’m on a roll tonight !
Just had a play around with Revenge Of The Titans from the second Humble Indie Bundle.
First impression from the menu was pretty good, until I tried to fullscreen it and then it wouldn’t show up for me again.
Ended up having to modify the config files to get it back again, but after that bump in the road, I managed to get a few good games in the campaign mode.

The game is like a tower defense game with added bonuses / upgrades to choose from as you progress.
You can upgrade towers with other towers and build refineries to increase your money quicker.
I only got through a few levels tonight, might try and get a few more in tomorrow.