Apr 192011

Hi All,

Seeing as a new Humble Bundle is coming out, thought I would enlighten you as to what you can play on Linux natively.

The Humble Indie Bundle website shows you what games are available, all DRM free, and all can be played on Linux though Windows versions are available.
You can choose where the money goes when you buy the games whether you want more to go to the developers or less, and how much goes to the Humble Bundle guys, and how much you donate to charity.

The games included are :
In Humble Bundle #1
– World of Goo
– Aquaria
– Gish
– Lugaru HD
– Penumbra Overture
– Samorost 2
In Humble Bundle #2
– Braid
– Cortex Command
– Machinarium
– Osmos
– Revenge of the Titans

Here’s a wiki link too !

I haven’t actually gotten to play many of them yet, but one of the ones that came with the previous bundle is Osmos where you run around as a little blot and absorb other blots to become the bigger one and in some cases achieve a certain goal.

An addictive game for sure with a nice soundtrack to boot too !

I’ll keep updating as I work through all the games as I haven’t had much time on my hands as of late.


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