Apr 132011

Just thought I’d make a quick post regarding gaming on Linux, a topic full of myths and unfounded beliefs that Linux is not good for gaming.

Which is blatantly untrue.

Now I’m a bit behind in gaming trends but I’m still able to entertain myself for hours with games on Linux.

One of the main things that people underestimate is the fact that the built-in repositories already have a huge amount of games in them, all for free, and some of them are of a very high quality and finish.

Depending on whether your a simulation nut or a killer in disguise, there are sure to be games to suit your taste. A few are actually released by the developers, for example Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament Series are all supported natively on Linux running on OpenGL.

A few examples to start off with are :

  1. OpenTTD – If anyone has played Transport Tycoon, GET THIS !!!!. An Open Source version of Transport Tycoon with extra features but may still need the original files if you want to play like the original.
  2. Nexuiz – A shooter based off the Quake 3 engine.
  3. Tremulous – Another shooter based off the Quake 3 engine.
  4. Minecraft – a non-free sandbox type game which is proving very popular at the moment.
  5. Globulation 2 – an entertaining strategy game.

These are just a few games that can be found on Linux, all of which are very playable and very entertaining.

For those that want to keep up to date with gaming on Linux, I have provided this link : Linux Gamers which provides a rich source of information about games and games related news for Linux.
Update :
Just thought I’d add more Linux gaming sites.
Linux Games
Linux Games Database

For everyone else, I’ll see you on a server sometime 🙂


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