Apr 202011

Hey All,
I got to (re-)playing Osmos last night and got past a few levels.Nice and cruisy game for the casual gamer, bit of a challenge on some levels as well.

Starting off, it was very easy to install, the developers provided a deb file for the Debian / Debian based crowd. Install was as easy as downloading the file and installing it via your favourite package manager. In my case, it was dpkg.
sudo dpkg -i Osmos_1.6.1.deb
After installation, I got to the menu screen.
An original menu
And off I went to wreak some nano-havoc.
There are set goals for the levels, some which involve absorbing a different type of blob, or some which are simply a be as big as you can type of level.
I started off with the latter type.
That's a lot of red
Thats a lot of red against me, so I’ll go around and absorb it all.
You can absorb any blobs that are smaller than you by running into them, but anything bigger than you will absorb you if you hit them.
Only me now.
Mmmm yummy blobs. I feel a bit like Unicron !

You control your blob using just your mouse, clicking when you want your blob to fire off some of it’s mass to propel it in the opposite direction, the more mass you fire though, the smaller you become, the smaller you become the faster you can move around. The more you absorb, the more your mass will increase, which will also make you bulkier and harder to move around so it will take you longer to slow down and change directions.
The physics of the game is what makes the game fun, it also gives the game a bit of a strategic slant as you will need to plot your course through the minefield of bigger blobs or you will get eaten and end up like this.


All in all a very fun game to play for the casual gamer. The later levels gets interesting with different goals and difficulties, often ending with the above screen for myself.
May not appeal too much to the gamers who prefer fast action and big guns, but for everyone else this should occupy at least a couple of hours of your time a week.


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