May 202017

Since ExaGear allows the Pi to run x86 applications, it also allows you to run WINE on the Raspberry Pi, and since you can run Windows applications with WINE, that means that you can also run Windows applications on the Raspberry Pi through WINE through ExaGear!

Installing WINE

Installing WINE is just a matter of running apt-get install wine inside an ExaGear guest to install it.
Once WINE is installed, I recommend running winecfg so that WINE creates all the necessary configuration files before it runs.
You can test wine by running notepad in the terminal to see if notepad starts up. I also started up regedit for the fun of it.

Notepad and Regedit on my Pi

Installing Steam

The reason why I wanted to run WINE was for Windows Steam games, and maybe some other Windows applications so I can check out the performance.
I’ve downloaded the Steam installer from and placed it into my Downloads folder.
To run the install, it’s simply a matter of runnning wine ~/Downloads/SteamSetup.exe from the ExaGear guest and the install should start running.

Installing Steam after Downloading

Raffle Winners

Now for the winners of the ExaGear raffle, congratulations to the following 2 readers


They will receive an email from Eltechs shortly regarding the license to ExaGear.


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