May 202017

Since ExaGear allows the Pi to run x86 applications, it also allows you to run WINE on the Raspberry Pi, and since you can run Windows applications with WINE, that means that you can also run Windows applications on the Raspberry Pi through WINE through ExaGear!

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May 202011

Looks like Codeweavers are having a birthday sale !
Be quick and grab the Crossover Bundle for only $19 !

A little about Codeweavers and Crossover if you haven’t heard of them.
They are a company that make Crossover, a piece of software that lets you run Windows software on your Mac or on your Linux box. You don’t need a copy of Windows or anything like that. Crossover is based on an open source translation layer called WINE, but improves on WINE with addons and additional functionality.

A great program for those wanting to run Linux full time.
Be quick and grab a good deal.