Aug 212012

*Update* Version 2.1 is out

Hey Everyone.

I’ve updated Raspbian Server Edition. Cut down the size of the download by a lot thanks to some suggestions on the forums.
I’ve also updated raspi-config with some options for RSE. I will add more as I think of them, but for now that’s all the changes.

You can get RSEv2 from –
Here (ad supported)

Any feedback will be very welcome.
Thanks !


  15 Responses to “Raspbian Server Edition Version 2”

  1. Good work. I will try it now!

  2. Still issues with this image:

    Linux raspberrypi 3.1.9+ #168 PREEMPT Sat Jul 14 18:56:31 BST 2012 armv6l

    The programs included with the Debian GNU/Linux system are free software;
    the exact distribution terms for each program are described in the
    individual files in /usr/share/doc/*/copyright.

    Debian GNU/Linux comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent
    permitted by applicable law.

    Type ‘startx’ to launch a graphical session

    NOTICE: the software on this Raspberry Pi has not been fully configured. Please run ‘sudo raspi-config’

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo raspi-config
    -bash: sudo: command not found
    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ su
    su: Authentication failure
    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ su
    su: Authentication failure
    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ su
    su: Authentication failure
    pi@raspberrypi ~ $

    • root user should have a blank password…
      I logged in with root without needing a password. Perhaps you need to log out of pi user and then log in as root.

      • I’m doing all this over ssh – looks like it works on the direct console – I have the config screen up now. Sorry for the misunderstanding – I normally work with the RPi headless because I only have one HDMI device in the house. As it is you can’t login with root/blank over ssh.

  3. If anyone is having issues with not having SUDO, just do a “apt-get install sudo” then you’ll have sudo, or just login as su and do everything without having to type sudo

  4. Hi,

    did test your image but cant get wlan to work. Did you remove the drivers for rtl8712u?
    I do want to use the raspberry as a VPN AP (Openvpn).
    Hopefully you can help me.

    • Yes, I did remove the drivers unfortunately. I will be updating the raspi-config script in order to make setting up wireless easier. for now, you will have to install the drivers manually.

  5. -bash: sudo: command not found (over ssh)?
    cant do anything as root
    full crap…

    • I neglected to install sudo on version 2. This will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime you can login as root.

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