Jul 192013

Hey Everyone.
This version of Raspbian Server Edition is just 2.4 but it’s been upgraded to Jessie rather than Wheezy.
Not much has changed apart from that, but it’ll save you an update πŸ™‚

5431be436a23fd05e779f3a14e8fe05d5a9dc581 RSE2.5.img
4cbb92b1b7700dff3eab95581c3b043a1ccaee1f 1GB-RSE2.5.img

The images can be grabbed from here –
RSE 2.5
RSE 2.5 1GB


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  1. Hi SirLagz,

    thanks for the new version.

    Could you make the list of removed packages and a corresponding script available? Saw your recent comment about that.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Thanks for your effort πŸ™‚
    Keep it up!

  3. I get “Cannot find device “eth0″” πŸ™

    • Got it working, but tried ssH:

      Connecting to…
      Connection established.
      To escape to local shell, press ‘Ctrl+Alt+]’.

      Connection closed by foreign host.

  4. also has problems with packages 404 not found when trying to install opensssh-server

    • Shouldnt need to install openssh-server…its already installed…

      • yeah but it didn’t work the pi closed the connection so removed and tried to install again but something is wotng with repo got 404, will try to dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server πŸ™‚

        and hopefully NFS server works with this release cannot get it to work with regular pi release cannot connect, tried other servers with debian without problems

        • I haven’t trested NFS server…but I assume it should work.

          And as far as openssh goes, you shouldn’t get a 404 error…unless its not connecting to the internet…

  5. Hi there, great effort, I’ll give it a try, but will stick to ‘Wheezy’ for now.

    The reason is that in regards to what is stated here – http://www.debian.org/releases/jessie/index.en.html – I wonder if switching to ‘Jessie’ is what you want. A server oriented environment has to be secure, and ‘Jessie’ isn’t subject to security fixes just yet. You are therefore providing users with potentially flawed versions of debian packages.

    The Debian project is all about slow rolling pace, with a focuse on stability and security. As ‘Wheezy’ is only a few months old (May 4th, 2013), and the time lapse between the two last issues of Debian was of more than 2 years, it means you’ll have to stick with a unsecured environment for about as long.

    However, I appreciate the work you put in that project. Keep up the good work.



    • This was more for the people who wanted to avoid having to upgrade to jessie if they wanted RSE but a jessie version. Your points are valid though.

  6. […] of the complete image however, I decided to go with the RSE or Rasbian Server Edition. Β This package is the bare stripped down minimum which exactly meets my needs for a headless […]

  7. SirLagz
    Appreciate your great work. If possible can you make two images one with Jessie and one with Wheezy. Also please provide change log

  8. How to login for root? what password?

  9. […] have a thing of running my Raspberry Pi headless, using Raspbian Server Edition. Current versions of Raspbian Server Edition is sort of old now, […]

  10. Will this install require keyboard input, or can it be done over SSH?

    Thanks for some awesome work!


    • Once you flash it onto an SD card, it’ll be ready to use over SSH.

      • SSH doesent work

        • Doesn’t work as in ? Can you not connect via SSH ? Does it say connection refused ?

          • Hey,

            Same here, wrote the image onto the SD with Win32 Disk Imager, connected SD to Pi, checked IP from router, tried to SSH but “Connection refused”, also I don’t have a HDMI enabled monitor at hand at home and i’m on my vacation from work, so not really interested to go o work just for this :P.
            Also are the default user:password (pi:raspberry) as there is for the Raspbian image from the RaspberryPi.org page?

          • Yes, the default credentials is still applicable. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to refine the SD image. If I recall correctly, it should regenerate the SSH keys on first bootup, perhaps that isn’t working…I’ll investigate when I have some spare time. Sorry !

  11. Thanks for raspberry pi server editon. Keep in mind that u need console usage to use this version because u have to reconfigure ssh.

    This can be done using “sudo dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server” as stated above. After this SSH works. I think RSE rocks because this was not needed before, Also keep in mind that the 1GB edition has no space. So before installing u need to expand the flash by using “rasoi-config”. I am not sure if ssh would work for the 2GB version. If i have some time ill test that one as well.

  12. Hi!

    I’m trying this image with my raspberry pi, but when I get to the user screen, I put the user and the pasword, and it just bootloop into the same user password screen. I don’t know what’s the issue. Some help?


  13. Hi SirLagz,

    I’ve just tried to download RSE 2.5, but Google docs tells me “File not found”. Please, could you reupload the file? Or if there a newer Version of it, since this one is from 2013?


  14. It seems that the first image ( “RSE 2.5” ) link isn’t working.

    Does it matter which one I download? I’m using the Raspberry Pi B+.

  15. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say that ~4 years later this is still my go-to method for rolling out headless RPis!

    I’ve not had time to play around with the github project you’ve linked (but I do keep an eye on it) & will jopefully get around to using it the next time I’ve to deploy a pi remotely πŸ™‚

    • Haha nice, didn’t think this would still be in use.
      I might have to roll a new one that’s based on stretch then! πŸ™‚

  16. Hey SirLagz,

    Love the effort, but the hash no longer matches?


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