Jun 132013

**Updated version out here**

Hey everyone

I finally got around to getting Raspbian Server Edition updated.
This new version is based on Raspbian 2013-05-25
The end size was around 650MB, and I’ve stripped 295 packages from the default Raspbian install.

Download it from here

b316b803df9f690c62c82c311460460f3dc0c7da RSE2.4.img
After I updated RSE2.4, this is the new SHA1 sum.
85a4d24055f6166b679dce5b3ccff70ddb67d559 RSE2.4.img

Please support the continued development of Raspbian Server Edition by donating !


  35 Responses to “Raspbian Server Edition 2.4”

  1. Great work!

    I see you were able to strip even more packages than in 2.3 🙂

    • Thanks !

      Yeah I went through the whole list of installed packages to remove what I didn’t think was needed 🙂
      Hopefully I didn’t remove things that people need haha

      I also forgot to remove a few other things, so maybe I’ll release 2.4.1 soon haha.

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for this – just found out about RSE today!

    Out of curiosity, which version of raspbian is this based on? It seems that the releases you make follow soon after the rasbpian versions.


    • I updated the original post 🙂
      I base new versions of RSE on the most recent version of Raspbian, so 2013-05-25 in this case.

  3. hi, after booting the ethernet-adapter is not set up, therefore no ssh/remote administration is possible. is this intended?
    anyway, thanks for your efforts – i’ve just been looking for a stripped down version of wheezy today and came across your server edition. also good to see that you are updating it regularly. if you fix the ethernet-issue you make me more than happy! 😉

  4. The SHA1 is not matching your image, I’ve downloaded multiple times to be sure. The SHA1 for your ‘Hard Drive Edition’ does match the download.

    Here’s what I’m seeing:
    SHA1 of the gzipped image – 32ec1a4200e47ecfc1c832af61de297d408d7a24
    SHA1 of the image – 85a4d24055f6166b679dce5b3ccff70ddb67d559

    Would you please confirm the SHA1 for the image you created?

  5. Hey I was woundering how you generate the package list that you use with your shell script?

    • I started with a fresh install of Raspbian
      apt-get remove each and every single package that I don’t want
      Then once I’m done, run this –
      dpkg -l | grep -E ‘^rc’ > pkgs.txt
      Which then dumps all the packages that have been removed to the text file, and voila, there’s the list 🙂

      the package remover script then purges the list

  6. Nice to see a stripped server version 🙂

    I think that samba-common, smbclient, and desktop items should be removed also 🙂
    Change Keyboard Layout in raspi-config does not work either, nothing happens

    • I’m keeping samba in there for people who want to mount windows shares, but if there’s samba desktop things in there then send me the packages that aren’t needed and I’ll see about removing them 🙂

      Also I’ll check out the keyboard layouy in raspi-config

      Thanks !

    • It seems to work for me, it did take a little while for it to come up though.

      Can you run “dpkg -l | grep keyboard” and see if it returns the keyboard-configuration package ?

  7. Hey, I love this project but have run into a snag…

    I’ve been wanting to make a WiFi hotspot that will also host a local website for travel.
    I want to design the site as a media portal; playing videos in the browser window from a directory on the Pi

    On the current Raspbian image, I was able to:
    – SSH the Pi from my home PC through my router
    – Externally SSH from my work PC
    – Use the hot spot without lag for my tablets
    – Use SSH tools on the tablet to run updates to the Pi through it’s hot spot broadcast

    But I wanted a stripped down server like you’ve placed together for better setup.

    These are the directions that I originally used to create my hot spot

    But neither those or your RaspAP directions seem to work right… I can get the hot spot hosted, but any device I connect cannot reach the internet through my router.

    Might there be a resource missing or an additional resource that may be disrupting?

    Any direction or advice would be great.

    Thank you for sharing this project!
    – If I can’t fulfill my current goal, I do have other plans that fit this image perfectly.

    • Have you followed both Part 1 and Part 2/3 of my Rasp AP guide ?
      Part 1 only deals with getting the hotspot up so that devices can connect to it.
      Part 2 will provide internet access to devices connected to the hotspot
      PArt 3 deals with making it into a router for firewall / port forwarding capability, but if all you want is internet access, then Parts 1 and 2 should be sufficient.

      • I did, but I lost SSH capability through the router to the pi when I got to part 2.

        I probably did something wrong, will reformat and try again…

        Do you happen to have a list of removed packages and added packages?
        Worst case, I might try getting stripping the version I have that already has hotspot working.

        I love being able to swap SD card installs like cartridges!

        • You lose ssh connectivity because the IP address changes. If you have a screen attached to the Pi, run ifconfig and ssh to the IP address that’s assigned to br0

          Otherwise you’ll need to check your router to see what IP address the Pi has after it brings the bridge up

  8. Hey, I’m having trouble extracting this .img file on Windows 7. I’ve tried WinRAR, Win ISO, Daemon Tools all of which are meant to be able to open or convert .img files and I’m not having any luck. Daemon Tools should work surely but when I open the virtual drive it says it is inaccessible.

    I am just following the official guide here http://www.raspberrypi.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/quick-start-guide-v2.pdf which just says “extract” the files with no mention of how.

    Many thanks,

  9. This is very helpful to me. I appreciate that creating the image is additional work you’ve done to help others out, but I would rather have the script and the package list rather than an image.

    I have some trouble with the script you published for earlier versions. I followed the instructions to run the shell script with ./pkg.sh pkgs.txt. First I get access denied because I understand the .sh file has to have execute permissions (ch mod a+x). Once I grant that, I get syntax error near unexpected token `do’. I thought maybe I have dos line-endings but dos2unix does not help me. Unfortunately, I don’t understand the script language at all, and I’m just trying to copy and paste. I would take some time to try to understand shell scripts but I am in the middle of learning so much else at the moment.

    I appreciate if anyone can offer a clue to the clueless. Thanks

    • Hi bkm,

      I’ll be releasing a new version of Raspbian Server Edition soon, so I’ll include the package list and a script to make RSE in that post 🙂

  10. Hello,

    first of all, thanks for the great work making RSE, i find it great for headless applications.
    Yesterday i have received my RasPi CameraBoard and, full of excitment, plugged it in.
    According to manual, run raspi-config, enabled the camera, no errors came.
    But then, trying to run raspivid command, i get an error “command not found”.

    My question is: was raspivid and raspistills stripped stripped from Wheezy by RSE 2.4?


    • Hi,
      I suspect I would have removed those packages, however they should be able to be reinstalled via apt-get

      • I did try to install them with apt-get, but got message “package not found”.
        Would it be possible to check if they were definitely removed?
        If yes, is there any way to get them back?

  11. Hi,

    The files are quite big – they would take me days to download. Could you please help create a compressed version?


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  13. I still can’t get this to work out of the box with Ethernet. I don’t want to go to 2.5

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  15. Great work, but I’m not able to get it boot in RPi B+
    Do you mind posting a simple instruction on how you do it step by step right from installing a clean copy of noob..


  16. […] Primero debemos montar y configurar nuestra Raspberry Pi como ya explicamos en otro artículo de este blog. Si lo prefieres, puedes instalar en tu Raspberry Pi un sistema operativo especial para servidores (Raspbian Server Edition). […]

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