Aug 272012

** UPDATE **
A new version of RSE has been released.
Grab it here

I’ve just did a small update to Raspbian Server Edition.

Changes –
Updated raspi-config
Raspbian Server Edition is now at the top.
Network configuration has been simplified.
sudo has been reinstalled.

Very slow progress at the moment, but I’m adding features on slowly.

Please, check it out and feel free to send me any feedback.

RSE v2.1 can be downloaded from
Here (ad supported)


  20 Responses to “Raspbian Server Edition Version 2.1”

  1. Thanks for the Image. I do have a Bigtec nano Wlan stick with the same chip as yours RT5370, but it doesnt install the drivers for it. I do have to make a apt-get install firmware-ralink to get it working.
    But there is no AP running. Can you maybe give us a script which installs all the necessary files and writes the configs which we can use after installing wifi drivers our selfs?

    thank you very much

    • After the firmware is installed, does wlan0 show up in ifconfig -a ?

      If it does, then it means the drivers are installed correctly, which is the first step.
      RSE v2.1 currently does not have any wireless stuff built in, but I will be trying to get some of that functionality in soon.

      In the mean time, have you installed hostapd ?

      • ifconfig shows wlan0 after installation.
        I didnt install hostpad.
        Should i use your older “RaspAP” image with wlan AP already configured?

        P.S. I did submit comments which didnt show up when a HTML link is present. Are these being blocked?

        • The RaspAP image should work but its a lot bigger download. It’s probably worth setting it up manually anyway as that way you can get a feel of where all the configuration options are.

          My previous posts run you through how to set it all up, so you can give it a shot.

          Any comments with links need to be approved before they show up because of the spam blocker.

  2. thank you,

    wlan0 is working and showing up with ifconfig.
    You did offer a image with working AP here

    Should i use that instead?
    I didnt install hostapd.

  3. Strange i cant add comments anymore

  4. Ok did use RaspAP image and everthing works fine as a Accesspoint. But the image is not like the tutorial you have on your site.
    I did install openvpn on your image and did get a remote IP but I cant bridge tun0 (vpn) to wlan0.
    Maybe you can help me?

    thank you

  5. Thank you very much for your help.
    The script from part 3 isnt running automatically.
    I did change the name to router and wrote “#!/bin/sh” in the first line. After that it works perfectly.
    Did change eth0 to tun0 in the script and now i do have RASPVPN 😉
    Every client which is connected to the raspi is now tunneled through the Vpn.
    Thank you very much for your help, you are the best.

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