Mar 042013

A few people wanted a 1 GB image for Raspbian Server Edition, and I finally got around to putting it together !

It’s the same 2GB image that has been repackaged into a 1GB image.
It has been resized so it should fit any 1GB SD card in existence.

You can Download it here !

SHA1 hash –
74abe17fdea4dc862e0aa6d68a33daa434934cc5 1gbRSEv2.3.img.gz

Please support the continued development of Raspbian Server Edition by donating !


  38 Responses to “Raspbian Server Edition Version 2.3 1GB Image”

  1. hi sirlagz,

    Many thanks for the hard work!!! I have a question is possible to make an update of the fimware through git repo of raspian server edition?

    • Hi,

      Do you mean via rpi-update ?
      Nothing has changed between RSE and Raspbian, except for the fact that I’ve stripped out packages, so anything that worked in Raspbian should still work in RSE.

  2. Great work. Got a question, other then removing the packages, are there any other changes like configs etc?

    Im wondering that because im trying to install Chromium on top with no desktop manager, and it works fine but im missing some html5 audio and video functionality in chromium?

    So reinstalling some of the packages back is quite safe in this version? Cheers.

  3. what software does it have?

  4. Does it still support audio? I am looking to make a home server and would to run mopidy too

    • Well the kernel hasn’t changed, so it should support audio. You may need to reinstall the alsa-utils package though

  5. Great work! Exactly what I was looking for!

    Can you please provide checksums for the image by default for security reasons?

    Thank you so much and keep it up please!

  6. I uploaded a torrent of this because the download from here was extremely slow. Any of these links should work and the torrent search engines should pick it up soon.


  7. Got a couple seeds now… feel free to drop a link in your post! I will keep seeding it from my new Pi. And thanks for the Server Edition project!

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  9. Thank you for doing this! I love it.

  10. Sorry but your link is broken 🙁

  11. Hey, CJ pointed me towards your site. Just downloading the Server Edition now.
    Couple of questions – Should I be able to run XBMC on this? Should I be able to run RetroPie on this?


    • Don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to run XBMC on it, though I don’t think the Raspbian repos have the Pi optimised version of XBMC.
      I don’t see any reason why RetroPie wouldn’t work either, but give it a shot and see how you go 🙂

  12. You can blacklist all the snd* kernel modules as sound isn’t used.

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  14. Weeks old new to Pi and loading Raspian with intent to move my dns server on U1204 to Pi box and came across this forum and wondering if the raspbian server version would be more suited than the std version to run dnsmasq on? thks

    • Definitely. Though RSE doesn’t have a GUI so you’ll need to use the command line to do everything

  15. thank you very much for providing this version.

    what about removing the ‘desktop-file-utils’ package?

    • No problems !

      Yes that package is safe to remove

      • ok.

        did you remove any packages related to “vcgencmd”? cause i can’t use it, the whole /opt folder seems to be missing. Can you use “vcgencmd”?

        • Hi,
          Unfortunately I did remove those packages. You should be able to reinstall them via apt-get however.
          The following packages should have what you need
          libraspberrypi-bin – Miscellaneous Raspberry Pi utilities
          libraspberrypi-dev – EGL/GLES/OpenVG/etc. libraries for the Raspberry Pi’s VideoCore IV (headers)
          libraspberrypi-doc – EGL/GLES/OpenVG/etc. libraries for the Raspberry Pi’s VideoCore IV (headers)
          libraspberrypi0 – EGL/GLES/OpenVG/etc. libraries for the Raspberry Pi’s VideoCore IV

          Cheers !

  16. Haven’t tried your RSE version, but was about to, until I saw that a new Raspbian image was available to download on the official Raspberry Pi site. Do you have any plans to make another RSE version out of the new Raspbian?

    • Yes, I’m looking at getting the new version of RSE out in the next week or so as I’m lacking time to work on it.
      Though if RSE was wanted sooner…it’s possible that if there was some sort of monetary incentive for me to get it out faster…;)

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  19. Link download is dead. Please re-upload

    • If you are after a very minimal Raspbian then you could look into hifi’s installer…Otherwise I’ll get an image download back up when I can.

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