Sep 072012

So I recently received the Power Supply and HDMI extender panel mount socket.
This is how the power supply sits. I’ve mounted it into the case with some screws into the grill of the PSU Case.
PiSU Power Supply

There are mounting holes on the power supply itself which makes it pretty easy to mount it.
The HDMI extension also fits PERFECTLY into the external molex plug that the power supply had before.

This is how it looks from the back of the case.
PiSU HDMI Rear View

The cable for the port extender is a lot longer than it needs to be…problematically long actually.

I did a test fit with the Pi, it seems like the cable won’t be a very good fit.
Not sure if I should start looking for another housing or keep trying to cram the PI into the PSU.

This is how the Pi sits in the case at the moment

Not as much space as I thought I would have initially.
I might try to make up some brackets for the Pi, or cut some slots into the buttom and mount it upright against the side rather than flat on the bottom and see how that pans out. Not sure yet.


  4 Responses to “Raspberry Pi Case : The PiSU Part 2”

  1. Are you attaching the original 3 Pin IEC power plug directly to the 5v(2A) DX power supply?

    • I will be, yes. There’s 3 inputs for the IEC power plug, Live/Neutral/Ground so I can just wire the 3 inputs directly to the IEC plug.

      • Yeah a few hours later and one nap, and as I wake up and am laying there, the image of the page hit me and I remembered it said “Input: AC 110~220V”. Not sure of your electrical experience, but would it be safe to have the “3 Pin IEC power plug” powering that 5v power supply and one of their 12v supply versions as well?

        • Perfectly safe. The plug itself can handle a whole load of power. The weak point for our application would be the wiring. But wires that can handle 10A is easily available, and 10A is already way more than what the power supply would need.

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