Aug 152012

I have found that occasionally I need multiple windows on my Raspberry Pi so I can keep tabs on top while running a process.
I don’t have a window manager on my Pi however, as I had stripped all of that out.
The solution ?

It has the ability to split the current terminal into 2 terminals so that you can run 2 things side by side and switch between them.
You can use the keyboard key combo CTRL-A and then | to split it side by side, or CTRL-A and then S (this is a capital S) to do a horizontal split.
CTRL-A then TAB will switch between the 2 splits.
When you have just created a new window, you need to switch to the window via CTRL-A , TAB and then hit CTRL-A and then C to start a new session within that new window.
When you’re done, you can hit CTRL-A and then Q to close the other windows.