Feb 122013

So I recently got my original 256MB Raspberry Pi operational again. I decided to try out Motion on it as I hadn’t tried it out on the Pi before.

Starting out with a fresh install of Raspbian Server Edition, I apt-getted motion with sudo apt-get install motion which installed all the relevant packages. I plugged in my Logitech C110 webcam, which got detected beautifully.

Afterwards, I modified /etc/motion/motion.conf to configure the settings
The following code block contains the important bit of the settings that I used

width 320
height 240
framerate 5
threshold 4500
quality 50
webcam_quality 25
webcam_maxrate 5
webcam_localhost off
control_localhost off

After modifying /etc/motion/motion.conf, I modified /etc/default/motion to enable the daemon to start, and started motion via the /etc/init.d/motion start command.

Trying to view the feed on the Pi via the web interface was a success !
To view it, simply visit http://pi ip address:8081 and you should get a stream.
With those settings, I get a slight delay in the webcam feed from motion, about 1 second, but nothing major.
CPU is sitting on around 15% with just the feed.
I will trial out some motion detection later on, as well as trying motion out via WiFi as it is currently plugged in to ethernet.