Dec 162015

I’ve been testing ProxMox 4 out recently, and wanted to build a small cluster so I could migrate boxes between the 2 hosts.

Unfortunately, trying to do it with only 2 hosts proved problematic, and I ended up having to rebuild one of the hosts to add it properly.
The problem was that generally, 3 votes are needed for a quorum for the ProxMox cluster, but since I only had 2 hosts, I could only have 2 votes by default.

In order to work around it, I found that I could assign votes manually.
I ended up building the proxmox cluster with these commands –

#on node 1
pvecm create -votes 2 cluster #to create the cluster with this server registering as 2 votes
pvecm status # this should show the local node having 2 votes
#on node 2
pvecm add <ip of first node>

After you run the command on the second node, you will be asked to authorise the SSH key and enter the password for the first host.
Once you enter those in, you should see both hosts on the left hand side of the interface


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  1. And if you like to do this on a already existing Cluster, simply edit the /etc/pve/corosync.conf file.

    Move down to the node you want to add a vote. eg.

    nodelist {
    node {
    name: pve
    nodeid: 1
    quorum_votes: 2 . <-- you change this from 1 to 2
    ring0_addr: pve

    HA will now accept adding a VM/CT.

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