Apr 272015

My Mobile Phone provider sends me bills via email which is all good and dandy, but for some odd reason the email addresses that the bills are sent from are never the same.
They change the number on the end like this –


This makes GMail’s filtering useless as it cannot filter by only domain, or so I thought.

After some Googling, I found out that you can actually use the following RegEx in the GMail search bar to search via domain of the email sender – (online2|online3|online4).provider.com

Using the RegEx, I got all the emails from *@online.provider.com, which means that I can now automatically label all the emails that come from my Mobile Phone provider using a filter, or so I hope.
I’ve set up the filter now, just waiting on a bill to come through so I can verify that it works 🙂

Updated the example to a better example, and This is what I found in case anyone was wondering


  4 Responses to “Searching GMail with Wildcards”

  1. Can’t you just search like this: “from:online.provider.com”

    • The example was a simplified example.
      What I’m actually going to do is filter by both the email and domain, but I need my provider to send me some more bills before I can verify that my way will work.

  2. Do you have clue whether you can regex or another type of expression to search for gmail with numerals in the subject?
    eg my banks statements come in like this:

    Home Loan Statement_ *****9151_2016-09-30
    Home Loan Statement_ *****5248_2016-08-31

    …I can’t find any way to search for all the “5248” statements. bleh.

  3. you can use “.*\” meaning ‘any characters before the following string. You could then use “.*\provider.com” and anything from provider.com would be picked.

    For Henri,
    You can do the same thing before and after to look for the ‘5248’ string on the backend:
    .*\5248.*\ would find 5248 in the middle of any text.

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