Nov 232012

Hey everyone,

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve just published my first Android application – Perth Traffic Updates.
It’s an application that allows users to quickly check if there are any traffic incidents that may affect them.
It gets the data from the website The Bigger Picture.

Hopefully some users will start downloading it and give me some feedback, so if you’re reading this AND you’re in Perth, please have a look. Any feedback, positive or negative, hopefully constructive will be very appreciated.

Thanks for reading !


  2 Responses to “Just Published My First Android App !”

  1. Is this only available for Australian users? I’m in the US and trying to find on my Nexus 7. Is this open source?

    • Only for Aussie users sorry !

      It’s not open source…yet but if you’re interested in the source, I have no problems sharing it out.
      Doubt it’ll help you though as it scrapes a few Aussie websites.

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