Jan 012013

I’ve just updated the GUI for Perth Traffic Updates Plus
It now also features a feed from the Main Roads website direct, rather than going through Get The Bigger Picture.
From the main screen, under Today’s Alerts a section called ‘Updates from Main Roads’ has been added.

I’m looking for some feedback for this app, so if you’re from Perth, and comment on this post, ensure that your email is in the comments form and I will send you a free copy of the paid app in exchange for some feedback, whether negative or positive.


  2 Responses to “Update to Perth Traffic Updates Plus”

  1. Hey I think your app’s cool and with a little work could be very useful.
    Maybe the days weather in there to help with road conditions. You know rain wind fog
    Well good luck with it all Cheers

    • Thanks !
      I haven’t had the time to work on this app lately, but the weather part of it was part of the plan all along 🙂
      Hopefully I can get back into it soon and get it working well again 🙂

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