Aug 182012

Hey Everyone !

I’ve just completed a preliminary version of the Raspbian Server Edition. I’ve stripped 277 packages from the default Raspbian Wheezy (2012-07-15) install. It ends up being around 400 megabytes in size. I’ve left some packages in there still like raspi-config, ntp, and ssh is still enabled.

You can grab the image file from
Here (Ad Supported)

I’ve also created a script so that you can turn the default install into what the image contains.
The script reads from a text file that contains a list of packages to be removed. If you want to make sure a package is not removed, then the script will suit you.
You can get this script from:
Here (Ad Supported)


  17 Responses to “Raspbian Server Edition”

  1. A streamlined version of Raspbian with less software installed? Why don’t you call it Lessbian? 😉 Nice work, btw, I’ve looked through the list of packages removed by the script version and it looks like just the thing I’ll need to set up the second Pi I’ve got on order.

  2. pi@raspberrypi / $ sudo
    -bash: sudo: command not found

    Where to go from here…

  3. Script not work.

    sudo ./
    ./ Zeile 6: $1: Ambiguous redirection.

  4. mate – i too would like to respin raspbian to my will; just don’t know how to go about it. can you share the steps you need to take to do this?

  5. Hi, great work on the script but I have a recent issue. Latest rasbpian (9/25) i dd, apt-get upgrade, expand fs, apply the script, reboot. the rpi never comes back up. i dont have a monitor conected so I can’t see any info, will try that when im home but do you have any idea? thanks!

    • If you are using the script from this post, I would recommend using a script from a newer post. Also, what’s the output when you run the script ?

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