Apr 022013

After going through the forums, I recently had an idea that hopefully will make installing distros onto an SD card much easier.

A lot of issues come from people not knowing how to do it right, e.g. just dropping the img file onto an SD card.
So I’ve customised a GParted LiveCD ISO and written up a custom script to *hopefully* install a distro straight onto an SD card.
This is a very early iteration of this idea, but hopefully will develop into something useful.

At the moment, essentially what it will do is

1. Grab the list of Distros from the RPI Download page
2. Let the user select which distro he wants to install
3. Select the Disk device that he wants to install it onto
4. dd the image onto the disk device.

Later on, I’m hoping to add more functionality including –
resizing image files
resizing sd card partitions
wiping SD cards back to a normal usable (by windows) state
Installing distributions from other sites
auto-resizing of the root partition after installing a distribution

Grab the iso from here

Feedback can be left here or on the forum topic