May 192011

Hi all,

I covered this in another post, but thought I would make it separate to make it easier to find.

The following code block lets you get the distinguished name of the username that is passed into this function.

function GetDN(strUsername) {

var objUserDN = new ActiveXObject("NameTranslate");
objUserDN.Init(1,"< DOMAIN NAME HERE >");
objUserDN.Set(3,"< DOMAIN NAME HERE >\\"+strUsername);
strUserDN = objUserDN.get(1)
return strUserDN;

This codeblock does the following :

  1. Creates a new NameTranslate Object and binds objUserDN to it
  2. Initialises NameTranslate with the Init method with the ‘1’ setting the type of bind used, which is Domain in this case.
  3. Sets the type of translation used and the username to be translated by using the set method, the 3 specifies that the username that is input is in the NT format of “domain\User”
  4. Gets the Distinguished Name by using the Get method with a parameter of 1 which specifies that it should get the RFC 1779 formatted name.
  5. Returns the distinguished name

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