Nov 102016

I finally set up my NodePhone service on my FreePBX/Asterisk server after telling myself to do it for a while.
There wasn’t a lot of concrete information out there but through lots of Googling I figured out enough to set it up via the Web GUI.

The following settings are the ones I used to set up the trunk –

Trunk Name: Internode
Outbound Caller ID: Your Internode DID Number

Everything between Outbound CallerID and the Outgoing Settings can be left as default.

Under Outgoing Settings, I’ve used the following settings, however since my Asterisk server is behind a NAT, I’ve set nat=yes on both Peer details and User Details. If your Asterisk server isn’t behind a NAT, you shouldn’t need those settings.

Trunk Name: nodephone

PEER Details
username=[YOUR NUMBER]
fromuser=[YOUR NUMBER]
secret=[YOUR SECRET]

For Incoming settings:

User Context: [YOUR NUMBER]

User Details:
secret=[YOUR SECRET]
username=[YOUR NUMBER]

For the Registration:

These settings should get your trunk up and running.


  6 Responses to “Setting Up A NodePhone Trunk On FreePBX”

  1. following your settings but I still can’t get mine to connect at all on outgoing. i haven’t even tried incoming yet. any idea? are you still using these settings?

  2. Perhaps it is too late but I just got it done using pjsip trunk option. A lot easier to configure a pjsip trunk compared to chansip – all you got to do is to provide the bare minimum, user id, password and sip server and nothing else was required.

    • Probably, but I’m not too familiar with Asterisk so I was just working off what I could do with the WebGUI.
      One day I’ll have enough time to play with Asterisk to learn all the innards!

      • @SirLagz, pjsip trunks can be configured from FreePBX interface just as chan_sip connections. Just FYI.

        • Maybe I just couldn’t work it out then, I vaguely recall I tried to setup pjsip, but never got it working. I copied my other trunk’s chan_sip configurations for the Internode Trunk anyway so it wasn’t too much work.

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