Oct 122013

I had this conversation on IRC last night.

23:01 < Bushmaster> hi
23:01 < Bushmaster> seeking some help
23:02 < Bushmaster> my pclinuxos during synpatic update got hanged
23:02 < Bushmaster> and now i cannot boot it up
23:02 < Bushmaster> it says lnusertemp directory full
23:02 < Bushmaster> what it means
23:03 < SirLagz> Bushmaster: it means that the directory lnusertemp is full...
23:04 < Bushmaster> what i can do about it
23:04 < SirLagz> Bushmaster: empty out that directory ?
23:05 < Bushmaster> u playing ball game with me dawg or u know things?
23:05 < SirLagz> Bushmaster: are you talking to me ?
23:05 < Bushmaster> no, u not worth it
23:06 < SirLagz> righto then.
23:06 < Bushmaster> i need someone who is helpful and not moron
23:07 < SirLagz> Bushmaster: seriously ? PCLinuxOS is telling you a directory is full. What would you do with a directory that is full ?
23:07 < Bushmaster> leave it dawg

Is it just me…or can people just not read nowadays ?!?

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  7 Responses to “What Is Wrong With Linux Users Today…”

  1. LAWL

  2. Seriously, what’s wrong with this guy?

  3. Maybe he just don’t know how to empty the dir if he is not able to boot.
    I think its nicer to just answering something like “you must boot your pc with a live CD, mount the partition and empty it” instead to say “just empty it!”
    Not all people are “pros”…

  4. hahahahha “empty out that directory ?”.. the world is becoming interested in what this community has to offer. We can seem like dicks because easy questions, especially the one he was asking, is an insult. At least to me. I started on backtrack. root + “what is x and why do i start it” + installing a live BT to an HDD with intent of cracking corporate databases after a few brief online tutorials = 25+ reformats and a pure hatred for sudo. lol moral of the story is dont be lazy and if you have the balls to ask expect a sarcastic as hell answer.

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