Jul 192011

Hi All, just a quick update today.

I was trying to get NFS working today but kept running into errors.
Whenever I tried to start imapd, I would keep getting this error –

rpc.idmapd[12599]: main: fcntl(/var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs/nfs): Invalid argument

Turns out, I didn’t have dnotify support enabled in the kernel.
Enabling this now, and will be testing very soon.

Just a quick tip for anyone coming across this issue !

Cheers all.


  2 Responses to “QuickTip: NFS not Starting?”

  1. sweet, I was about to give up after hitting that!

  2. Thanks! If I had used strace, I would’ve seen this myself, but your post was spot on!

    $ strace -f rpc.idmapd -f 2>&1 | grep INVAL

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