Apr 302011

Hi all,

Just a follow up post to the last post regarding modifying users in AD via Javascript.
You need a Domain Name in the following code snippet –

objUserDN.Init(1,"DOMAIN NAME HERE");
objUserDN.Set(3,"DOMAIN NAME HERE\\"+strUsername);

Now what if you wanted to use the script for multiple domains without having to modify the code to change the domain name ?
You can use ActiveX with a Windows Script Host function to get the domain name as well !
To get it, you can simply use the following code snippet :

wshell=new ActiveXObject("wscript.network");
var strDomain = wshell.userdomain;

With that code, strDomain will now contain the NetBIOS Domain name which is used here.


  2 Responses to “How to Find the Domain Name on a Computer Using Javascript”

  1. It doesn’t work on chrome and if security is high on IE than it will not work on IE too.

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