Oct 172016

I found this LanDisk 350 at a clearance sale so decided I’d fork out the $5 AUD to have a play around with it.

Looks old...

Looks old…

From the side of the box, I gather it can share printers, use SATA *AND* IDE disks (this will actually come in handy for me to check out what my old IDE disks has on it), run a DHCP server, run a SAMBA share, FTP, and run as a NAS.

Says it can do a lot...

Says it can do a lot…

Inside the box, I found the Power brick and power cable, a CAT5e crossover cable, some screws, the SATA connectors, the wifi antenna, and the instructions and installation CD.

A Crossover cable?!

A Crossover cable?!

Putting the disk in was rather easy, undo the 2 screws holding the hard drive tray in, swap the IDE connectors to the SATA connectors, plug the hard drive in, put it all together, and away we go!

You can see the small screws on either side of the tray

You can see the small screws on either side of the tray

I plug it in and press the power button that’s on the top and I can immediately hear the disk spinning up.

It's alive!

It’s alive!

The Landisk has a web interface so I don’t even need to use the CD. The web interface looks like the typical 2006 era China-spec NAS that we’ve all seen. I’ve even bought a couple of other ones before!

Unfortunately I didn’t get any further than this as the power supply of the NAS gave out fairly quickly…Maybe it’s been sitting in a hot warehouse for far too long.
I’ll explore the NAS some more once I find a replacement power supply so stay tuned!


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