May 062012

I’ve recently had an issue with one of my boxes, where the WiFi interface will not let any new connections in unless a connection out is established first. The connection can be established by anything, a ping, a ssh connection or anything.
I can’t track down what’s causing it. It’s using a RTL8187 USB stick with an external antenna with a 2.6.39 custom kernel. The same thing happens on a 3.3 kernel however.

iwconfig is reporting that power management is off, and I have disabled wireless power management in the kernel also.
Is there anything else that anyone can think of ?
Any more information needed to help me troubleshoot this ?


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  1. I had a similar issue. It seems to be fixed after following the suggestion at to add set the nohwcrypt option to 1 when loading your wireless module. Mine is rt61pci, so I did: rmmod rt61pci; modprobe rt61pci nohwcrypt=1

    • Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately my RTL8187L driver has been compiled into the kernel. Do you know if I can still pass an option when it’s compiled directly in ?
      Also strange that it’s only recently started happening. Maybe I should buy a different wireless usb and give that a shot…the one that I had in my machine that isn’t working well got pretty toasty. Toasty enough to burn electrical tape.

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