Oct 202016

I was introduced to ExaGear a couple of weeks ago by the team behind ExaGear.

It immediately piqued my interest as it opens up many new ways to use a Raspberry Pi as it allows X86 applications to be run on a Pi.
They’ve kindly donated a copy of the software so I could check it out!

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May 202011

Looks like Codeweavers are having a birthday sale !
Be quick and grab the Crossover Bundle for only $19 !

A little about Codeweavers and Crossover if you haven’t heard of them.
They are a company that make Crossover, a piece of software that lets you run Windows software on your Mac or on your Linux box. You don’t need a copy of Windows or anything like that. Crossover is based on an open source translation layer called WINE, but improves on WINE with addons and additional functionality.

A great program for those wanting to run Linux full time.
Be quick and grab a good deal.