Sep 182017

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People are more into texting these days from their smartphones than talking. Texting happens to be the easier way to send information from one person to another. Sometimes one needs to empty their inbox but in the process, some important text or SMS (short message service) gets deleted in the process or it might happen unintentionally.

Without any backup, it becomes impossible to get that important text back. However, deleted SMS can be easily recovered from HTC M10 by just following a few simple and easy steps which are given below in details.

Solution 1: Recovering Deleted Texts from Backup

Texts or SMS contains a lot of important data and just a handful of people back up their texts regularly. In HTC M10 there is an app known as HTC Sync Manager which is used to backup SMS and best way to prevent loss of any data. If the data is backed up then one just needs to:

Step 1: Open or start the app used for backing up the data

Step 2: Next step involves selecting the backup from the list of backup files

Step 3: Select all the files you need to recover

Step 4: Lastly, click the Restore option or button and that will sync the entire deleted messages to phone.

It generally takes some time to get back all the deleted texts. This way you can get back deleted texts if it is backed up. However, if you don’t have any back up then one would need to follow some other steps to recover the texts.

Solution 2: With the Help of Android Recovery Software

TunesBro Disklab for Android happens to be a reliable software. It can be used not only to recover deleted texts from phones and tablets but things like WhatsApp conversations, photos, videos, contacts can also be recovered. It supports almost all Android phones and tablets. From a phone’s internal memory these can be recovered. This software can be used from the earliest android version to the latest one.  

Step 1: Downloading and Installing TunesBro Disklab

This software can be used on all types of laptops and desktops. Before using it you would need to download it first. When the download is complete you can install it on the computer or laptop. After the installation process is finished, launch or start the program.  

Step 2: Turning Android’s USB Debugging On

Before any kind of data recovery, Android’s USB debugging option should be turned on. For different versions of Android, the process of turning it on is different. Below the process for different version of Android is given:

Till Android 2.3:

  • Until this version of Android, all you need to do is go to the Settings menu on your phone and open it
  • Go to applications and click it open
  • Then proceed to development. Once you click it you will notice the USB debugging option

For Android Version 3.0-4.1

  • Go to Settings on your Android device
  • Open Developer options
  • Click on USB debugging

For Android Version 4.2 and Above It

  • Go to Settings on your phone or tablet
  • Scroll down to About Phone option and tap 7 times
  • The second step will enable the Developer option in your device
  • Once this is done get back to the Settings, click on Developer option and then can click USB debugging on.

Step 3: Connecting Android Device to Computer for Scanning Deleted Texts

With the help of a USB cable connect your Android device to the computer. The Disklab software for Android will automatically detect it. If it is not working and shows that device is not recognized then you need to download latest version of USB driver and be sure that USB debugging is on.

If the phone is detected then click on the button which shows ‘Start Scan” which will start scanning all files and time depends on the number of files on phone.

Step 4: Recovering the Deleted Texts

After scanning is completed, a list of all messages will appear on the screen and from there whichever message you want to recover select it and click the recovery button.

Data loss can be a huge problem these days but it is easy to recover now. Just by following these few steps which are mentioned above in the article, you can easily recover your deleted texts from any android device whether or not you have backed up the data.  


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Nov 212013

I’ve just published my second Android App !
Again, for Perth Drivers, this time it’s a simple list of today’s multanova locations

At the moment, it’s very simple but I’m planning on building more features as I go along.
It updates daily from the WA Police website, and allows you to touch the location to search it on Google Maps.

You can get it from the play store

Hopefully I can get some feed back from users of this app ! 🙂

Jan 012013

I’ve just updated the GUI for Perth Traffic Updates Plus
It now also features a feed from the Main Roads website direct, rather than going through Get The Bigger Picture.
From the main screen, under Today’s Alerts a section called ‘Updates from Main Roads’ has been added.

I’m looking for some feedback for this app, so if you’re from Perth, and comment on this post, ensure that your email is in the comments form and I will send you a free copy of the paid app in exchange for some feedback, whether negative or positive.

Dec 302012

Hey Everyone

I almost have 100 downloads on my free version of Perth Traffic Updates which is fantastic !
I have only had a couple of purchases on my paid app though, but I’m looking for some feedback and/or feature requests on what to put into the paid app.
If anyone submits a reasonable request and/or provides feedback for the paid app, I will be giving them the paid version of the app for free !
Just email me the feedback or request and we can go from there.

Nov 232012

Hey everyone,

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve just published my first Android application – Perth Traffic Updates.
It’s an application that allows users to quickly check if there are any traffic incidents that may affect them.
It gets the data from the website The Bigger Picture.

Hopefully some users will start downloading it and give me some feedback, so if you’re reading this AND you’re in Perth, please have a look. Any feedback, positive or negative, hopefully constructive will be very appreciated.

Thanks for reading !