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Mar 022017

I was poking around in a Swann NVR to see whether I could customise it to suit my needs a bit better.
The NVR was easy enough to pull apart with only 5 screws on the outside holding the case on.
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Dec 222016

If you’ve ever wanted high quality sound from the Raspberry Pi, look no further than this High End Audio Bundle from
High End Audio Bundle
This bundle includes the following boards:

There’s also an option to include a 3A 5V power supply with the bundle.

This bundle plugs directly onto the Raspberry Pi like any other hat, and then you can set the audio as per normal with Alsamixer.
With the Kali hat plugged in, you can power the Pi from the Kali hat rather than needing another power supply. The Kali also powers the Piano DAC.

The Piano DAC can be setup in a 2.0, 2.1, or a 2.2 setup with crossover settings in the GUI. It uses dual PCM5142 DACs with integrated DSP, and comes preset as a 2.1 setup, but can be reconfigured via the PurePath software.

The last part of the bundle is the Volt Amp which uses a TPA3118 chip. It has 4 output filters, 4 EMI Snubbers, 4 bootstrap capacitors and gain setting components.

This whole bundle can be purchased from the Allo Website and for a limited amount of time, you can get a 5% discount by using the coupon code SIRLAGZ5

Dec 092016

I’ve had my Toshiba Satellite L750D laptop for quite a few years and when I first had it, the battery would show up in the battery meter in Ubuntu. Over the years and after a few Ubuntu upgrades, the battery just disappeared. The system wouldn’t detect the battery at all anymore. I tried all sorts of things to get it to discover the battery, reinserting, restarting, reinstalling, re-everything-else too, but it just wouldn’t show up.
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Nov 242016

I bought this camera the same time I bought the OfficeOne IP900 cameras, but never got around to using this until now. The camera seems to be fairly easy to setup. Plug it in and it will get an IP address via DHCP. The supplied software CD contains some management software which runs on Windows, but since I’m not a Windows user, I haven’t tried it out yet.

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