Oct 082011

A few months ago, I had a post detailing how to setup a streaming webcam server.

Recently, I found an Android app that let me view it on my mobile phone as well which let me use the camera as a baby cam.
The app is called “Tinycam Monitor” and comes in a free and a paid version.
You can use the free version to do stream the webcam but if you like it, please get the paid version to support the developer :).

So, step 1 is to first get the application onto your phone.
This can be done from the market just like any other application.

Step 2 is to configure the app to view the webcam stream.
Once you open the application, in the main menu touch “Manage cameras”

Remove any default cams that may be there, then hit menu and press on “Add camera”
You will see a new camera come up in the list, touch on the pencil to edit the camera.
In the camera options, go down to “Advanced Settings” and edit the parameter
Edit JPEG image address needs to be set to your webcam stream that you setup in the previous post.
For Example :

Once that is entered, hit back, and press “Camera Status” to ensure that you can connect to the camera.
Once that is succesful, you can now view your webcam stream on your Android phone via the app.


  8 Responses to “How To : Stream Your Webcam to Your Android Mobile”

  1. Thanks i’ve been looking for this kind of apps, I’ve download the ‘tinycam monitor’ but please can you explain more clearly how to edit the parameter Edit JPEG image address and how do i setup the webcam stream. I cannot find any previous post relating to setting up the webcam stream.

  2. thanks, actually i’m using laptop webcam.

  3. Sir, like every mobile and computer if cctv aur any camera also has its own IP Address or not.

  4. How I can connect my mobile with my cctv camera at my home.

  5. These guys https://www.modelnet.club/exec/blog/streaming-video-on-mobile-devices.html also use jpg for stream But I hope they could do h264 video soon

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